Forest fires prediction and controls

forest fires


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Conservation of forest resources and prevention of forest fires are fundamental activities to mitigate and reduce climate change impacts. There are already services and projects to monitor, through remote and proximal sensing data, the progression of forest fires and the conditions that can trigger and foster them. The goal in Forest fires prediction is to provide additional data, from remote sensing and field proximal sensors (IoT), with additional meteorological inputs, to provide useful information for regional analysis on forest fire risk. Data can support the green areas and natural parks’ management to preserve the forest resources of the area, and at the same time to guarantee the safety of human settlements nearby.

This use case is related to the following case called “Forest fire potential”.



  • Local administrations
  • Natural parks management entities
  • Associations of tourism-related services suppliers

Contacts: Riccardo Valentini – UNITUS |
Gaia Vaglio Laurin – UNITUS |