Highlander results presented during Agririsk Festival 2022

Agririsk Festival

Deda, as a partner of the Highlander project, participated in the Agri RIsk Festival (RIva del Garda 17-18 June).

This is the main Italian event focused on the risk in agriculture.

In particular, they talked about what was developed in Highlander as part of the workshop “Territory, agriculture and risk management tools in the digital age”. A quick presentation was made of the different domains and applications developed in Highlander and a focus on the use of satellite and IoT data also with a view to supporting the definition of parametric insurance and the detection of seasonal trends, particular events (drought, excess of rain, extreme phenomena etc.).

During the event, Deda took part to a hackaton as members of the jury. The winner was a team of students who proposed a system for the recovery and management of terraces not used in the mountains through the use and integration of heterogeneous data: cadastre, satellites, land use, etc.