ItaliaMeteo Agency associated with Cineca

edificio cineca

The National Agency for Meteorology and Climatology ItaliaMeteo ( foreseen in the Law 205/2017, officially born with Presidential Decree 186/2020 which established the Regulations and provided the Country with the Civil National Meteorological and Climatological Service, has recently become a member of the Cineca Consortium.

Cineca, as a non-profit Interuniversity Consortium, increases the number of consortium bodies every year with the aim of better integrating the largest number of national strategic players in the field of advanced research. Currently the consortium consists of 112 public bodies: ministries, Italian universities, national public institutions – such as research bodies, university hospitals, agencies – and the arrival of the Italia Meteo Agency can only be a source of great satisfaction.

The news confirms Cineca’s proximity to the weather-climate universe, which historically began with the elaboration of the forecasts of the Emilia Romagna region; consolidated in recent years by various projects managed together with major institutional bodies, such as the regional ARPAs and the Civil Protection Department; with the Consortium’s commitment to the implementation of innovative services for the weather sector, providing skills, resources and the High-Performance Computing infrastructure. The membership of Italia Meteo is an important step, which enhances the collaboration between the two entities in the construction process of the National Meteorological Service.