How Ag Retailers Are Uniquely Positioned to Help Growers Maximize Their Farm Data


According to Zach Sheely, that joined Agworld in March 2012 and is currently President of Agworld’s USA operations, what is happening in the ag retail landscape is that retailers assist their grower clients in changing over from “creating notes” to “creating data”. For ag retailers this is a major value-add opportunity and one of the best ways to be positioned as the “trusted technical advisor” with their growers as the largest role of retail lies in helping growers maximize the use of farm data after it has been create.

The more frequent farm data is utilized, the greater the incentive to create it and the higher overall value it provides to the farming operation. But the main requirement for creating digital information should be to make sure that it is done in a standardized and structured way, using tools like Microsoft Power BI that need standardized farm data to in order to be used by growers. Many growers that start creating digital records often don’t realize the power of these data and this is where trusted advisors like agronomists and ag retail representatives can play a significant role.

By collaborating with growers on their digitization journey early in the process, advisors can help ensure that maximum value will be derived from aggregated data after it has been created or captured. According to Zach Sheely this process is a good opportunity for ag retailers to add value to their grower relationships and become more relevant to growers as a recognized expert on farm data.

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