What is agronomy at high resolution?


The modern farmer utilizes many precision ag tools on their operation, the difficult part is figuring out how it can best provide a return on investment.

Wes Anderson, a Senior Fertility Specialist at Croptimistic Technology and CropPro Consulting, discusses how data can be used to “prove that these methods of precision agriculture can provide an ROI at the farm level. Anderson explains that agronomy at a high resolution involves three steps:

  • Recognize that responses to inputs usually vary across a landscape
  • Map, measure, and manage that variability using data
  • Apply agronomy to make a recommendation at a higher resolution.

For soil applied inputs, Croptimistic Technology uses a SWAT MAP (soil, water and topography map) for its base layer. According to Anderson, to be successful and provide a ROI at the farm level, it is fundamental to understand what the limiting factors are and why they are like this. That’s where a SWAT MAP data layer comes in useful. Also understanding all the differences in the landscape are important factors and that’s where the power of a layer like SWAT MAPS comes in.

For further information visit: https://www.farms.com/ag-industry-news/what-is-agronomy-at-high-resolution-203.aspx