Can Solar Agriculture Save the Modern Farming Industry?


A farmer’s life has to face many challenges. Their causes are complex and diverse, but such phenomena has also brought many benefits to farming. So even though the industry looks upon a new decade with greater hurdles for its survival than ever before, there’s also the promise of emerging technology coming into mass use. Technology that can help farmers not only sustain, but thrive. Solar is an essential part of this new dynamic.

Solar agriculture allows farmers to install solar panels that offer a way to make their energy use more efficient, and directly enhance their farming capabilities. For farmers with small tracts of land especially this provides a way to offset energy bills, reduce their use of fossil fuels, and breathe new life into existing operations.

Crops not only grow successfully under solar setups but can see their growth season extended thanks to the optimal conditions dual-use offers, providing additional warmth in winter and cooler climates in summer.

Although there is much to be positive about when combining the solar and agriculture industries together, there are challenges on the road ahead.

The capacity to combine solar installations with existing agriculture and animals is also appealing, but a better understanding of cost implications and government support for cross-disciplinary research are deemed necessary.

It is also true that new threats arise, due to the impact of climate change. Technology advances will help but farming in the future will still require the need for human expertise.

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