How this organisation is reducing water pollution through sustainable waste management


While the basic issue of water pollution has been addressed by the policy-makers in the respective governments, we are yet to pay attention to a major water pollutant – ‘floral waste’.
According to reports, eight million tonnes of floral waste in India is discarded every year, contaminating the water quality and the residue of pesticides used on these flowers percolate into the waters, thereby, hampering the marine life.

Another compelling factor contributing to the hazard on the quality of water is the impurity caused by various dyeing and textile industries.

The young entrepreneurs of Enactus Aryabhatta initiated a project named Palaash.

Project Palaash aims to use these flowers and create organic dyes which are purely non-synthetic. These organic dyes are used on fabrics which creates employment opportunities. This facilitates sustainable fashion. The aim is to uphold the trend of fashion by taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects by improving all the stages of production and recycling for the sustainable management of resources.

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