Farming Simulator 19: here’s the new ‘Precision Farming Project’ DLC


Farming Simulator 19 (the Premium Edition is available for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One ) gets even more realistic with the introduction of Precision Farming, a new DLC that brings “smart farming” technology to the field and will be available for PC and consoles from December 8.

Initiated by renowned agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere, the Precision Farming project is expected to run for two years and will involve a variety of partners from the European Union, including two universities involved in concept creation and ongoing testing of gameplay features.

According to Dr. Thomas Engel, Technology Innovation Strategy Manager at John Deere, the first version of the DLC already offers many features such as soil sampling and variable fertilization that provide a fantastic introduction to the world of Precision Farming.

Modern precision farming technologies are being introduced into Farming Simulator as one of the EIT’s countless efforts to raise awareness of sustainable agriculture, the ultimate goal of the project.

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