Another step forward in the creation of a National Weather Forecasting Agency


On October 5, 2020 , the Italian Council of Ministers has approved the regulation concerning the organization of ItaliaMeteo, the National Agency for Meteorology and Climatology and those measures aimed at facilitating the coordination of the meteorology and climatology management (decree of the President of the Republic – definitive examination).

In particular, the regulation governs the organization of the Agency and foresees that it supports National and regional authorities responsible for civil, health and environment protection, agriculture policies, in making decisions to be adopted in the context of the national alert system for the meteo-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, as well as for the implementation of the plan on precision agriculture and measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

This represents an important step for ITALIAMETEO which will also have positive repercussions for the Highlander project.

Here following a list of goals to be achieved by ItaliaMeteo Agency as they are described by the Draft decree of the President of the Republic concerning the Agency establishment:

a) collect and archive the observational data, forecasts and simulations acquired by the subjects referred to in comma  2 (Meteo agencies), as well as those received directly from the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast – ECMWF);
b) redistribute without charge and promptly to the same subjects, data, products, elaborations, analyzes, meteorological, climatological and marine forecasts, integrated with their own;
e) provide optimal uniform standards for observational networks, establishing the technological criteria of quality, frequency of temporal acquisition and spatial resolution;
d) agree, also from a financial point of view, with the subjects referred to in comma  2, the methods of transmission and exchange of data, as well as the use of the computing and IT infrastructures and data archives.

With this in mind, the HIGHLANDER project is already developing services and applications that we hope will support the achievement of the Agency’s objectives.