Water cycle and sustainability of competing uses

water cycles



Climate change influences the availability of water resources and makes more and more necessary an accurate distribution between civil, industrial, energy and agricultural use. However, human needs must be combined with the urgency of maintaining a minimum vital flow to preserve the functions of the ecosystem from which these resources are taken. Starting from analyses carried out for the catchment of ​​Ofanto river, in Puglia, we intend to conduct a case study that can support decision-makers, planners and users towards a balanced and optimized use of water resources under the climate change and its variability, and that is flexible to be transferred to other Italian river basins.



  • Local Administrations
  • Hydroelectric energy producers
  • Reclamation/irrigation consortia
  • Water supply management entities

Contacts: Monia Santini – CMCC | monia.santini@cmcc.it