Land suitability for vegetation

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Concerning forests, the case study benefits from an analysis of the climate impacts on forest vegetation carried out by the CMCC Foundation for Southern Europe and Russia, thanks to research initiatives and international agreements. The study on Europe suggests a migration to the north and to the higher altitudes of the main Mediterranean species; the alpine chain could therefore become a refuge for species that do not find optimal conditions at lower altitudes. However, given the size of the geographical domains in the previous studies, the available data permitted a rather coarse spatial resolution compared to the detail useful for smaller domains such as the Italian territory. Therefore, HIGHLANDER aims at providing results for Italy at a higher resolution, which will support the forestry sector. Starting from the current distribution of the forest species (focusing on the most valuable in terms of provided ecosystem services, such as wood production, recreational purposes etc.), projections will be produced on the possible modifications (displacement, reduction, expansion) of the typical areas (habitats) of forest species following climate evolution.



  • Forest management entities
  • Agricultural producers associations
  • Local Administrations

Contacts: Monia Santini – CMCC |