Human wellbeing in rural and urban areas

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Climate change tests the ability of individuals to perceive physical and mental well-being condi- tions in daily life, especially in the context of large urban settlements. Although, with the spread of smart-working, some conditions forcing to live in densely populated areas become less constraining, the urban microclimate remains influenced by the physical processes related to the occupation of soils by artificial areas. The high resolution and last generation climate simulations adopted in HIGHLANDER allow to reproduce the interactions between atmosphere and surface taking into account the land cover with high spatial detail, especially thanks to the satellite data which, combined with the demographic data, provide a representation of the land use distribution for civil, industrial and agricultural purposes. Starting from the current distribution of land use and therefore the presence of densely populated or rural areas, the expected changes in those climate conditions – in particular heat and humidity – more or less comfortable for the population, will be studi



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