Animal Welfare and land suitability for farming




Climate change strongly changes the management methods of agricultural land dedicated to breeding and grazing, making it increasingly ur- gent to achieve a balance of resources available and their exploitation. Precision farming and precision breeding techniques, developed in recent decades, will then help. In the context of Animal Welfare and land suitability for farming, a service will be developed to provide breeders and farmers with the tools and information useful to manage extreme climate events, which can endanger the health of animals and crops. The service will use data collected by biometric sensors on the field and medium-term weather forecasts. Particular attention will be paid to optimization of resources usage for agriculture, creating new models always starting from medium-term meteorological indices and real-time field monitoring activities through the use of drones, geoelectric and radiometric sensors, aerial and satellite surveys, with the dual objective of improving product quality and plantation productivity.



  • High-value crop cultivators associations
  • Breeders associations


  • Federica Gabbianelli – UNITUS |
  • Giovanni Chillemi – UNITUS | Giovanni Cardone – CIA-TO