The 0.8 release of the DDS platform


The 0.8 release of the DDS platform has been online since January 31, 2023, the final date of the Highlander Project.

In this version, the CONTACTS page has been added where the user can find the reference email ( to request access credentials to DDS and ask any technical questions.

Added the following new data:
o DApOS Forest-fire-potential (ARPAP)

Final list of the main features of the Data Delivery System (DDS)
Dataset Catalog: the collection of the datasets produced in the Highlander project: big datasets of high resolution simulations and datasets that are the output of DApOS (Downstream Applications and (pre-)Operational Services).
Data extraction & retrieval: these functionalities have been developed in the DDS in order to allow the final users to filter, crop and download data of the datasets archived in the Data Portal.
Request management: the data extraction and retrieval functionalities have been developed as asynchronous query that the user submits in the DDS. The request management functionality handles the queries execution in the DDS and provide to the users the progress status of their queries.
Data acquisition: a procedure has been implemented that takes the data from where they are created and ingests them into the catalog.
Dynamic loading of periodic schedules (admin feature): for those datasets that need to be updated periodically (for example once or twice a week), it has been implemented a system to handle the scheduling of automatic dataset update. It is a feature available only to DDS administrators.