Very high-resolution climate projection over Italy now available on the HIGHLANDER Data Portal


Dynamical Downscaling with COSMO-CLM of historical (1989/2005) and future climate (2006/2050) is the new climate projection dataset available on the Data Portal of the HIGHLANDER project starting from 12 September 2022.

It has been developed by CMCC Foundation within the HIGHLANDER project at ≃ 2.2 km resolution (i.e., Convection Permitting Scale) by dynamically downscaling CMCC-CM global model over the period 1989-2050, adopting the IPCC RCP8.5 scenario. The temporal resolution of outputs is hourly. Runs cover the whole Italian territory (and neighbouring areas according to the necessary computation boundary), so to provide a very detailed (in terms of space-time resolution) and comprehensive (in terms of meteorological fields) dataset of projected climatological data for at least 60 years (01/1989-12/2050).

This climate simulation run on the CINECA supercomputer GALILEO100, the national Tier-1 system for scientific research.

Furthermore, the dataset will be soon extended until 2070: the new data will be published on the HIGHLANDER Data Portal as soon as they are available.

Initially, the dataset will be accessible only to project partners but in a few months, it will be open to everyone under CC BY 4.0 license.

Link to the dataset on Highlander data portal: