Highlander Data Delivery System platform is online with version 0.4


The Highlander Data Delivery System platform is online with version 0.4. Currently, the platform hosts two sections: Datasets and Applications.

The Datasets section presents a list of the climate datasets available, the result of the data processing carried out during the Highlander project, as outlined in two previous news. These datasets are presented with an in-depth information sheet. For each one we have a description, the list of products and the publication license, along with other useful information.
Once logged in, access currently obtainable upon request, from each dataset users can request specific data, applying different types of filters, and can see the results inside the My request section. For example, by selecting “Downscaling of ERA5 @2.2 km over Italy”, asking for the maximum temperature at 2 meters for the year 2021 on a restricted area – thanks to the Spatial coverage function to define the area of interest – the results will be obtained in a short time, ready to download in the My request section.
The Applications section, instead, is dedicated to DApOS, the use cases of the Highlander project. At the moment, there are 3 resources, briefly illustrated.

The platform is under continuous development and the next step will be the complete visualisation for Subseasonal irrigation forecast and Soil erosion indicators for Italy.

For more info here.