Climate reanalysis at the local level: how to support sectoral applications in Italy

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Speakers: Estibaliz Gascon, ECMWF Mario Raffa, CMCC

Moderator: Monia Santini, CMCC

Abstract Climate reanalysis products combine a large amount of observations with advanced modeling thanks to data assimilation techniques permitting a comprehensive description of the climate as evolved during recent decades over three-dimensional grids at sub-daily time intervals. Climate reanalysis quickly became the most used datasets in the geophysical sciences and are particularly valuable to cover the regions of interest at continuous temporal and spatial level (i.e., through time series of maps). Further efforts to improve the spatial detail over limited regions or single locations can be undertaken adopting techniques known as dynamical and statistical downscaling, each with its advantages and limits in terms of needs of computational resources, physics representativeness etc.

In the project HIGHLANDER, CMCC and ECMWF have worked to apply dynamical and statistical approach, respectively, to downscale the ERA5 which is the latest, fifth generation, climate reanalysis produced by ECMWF providing global hourly data on many atmospheric, land-surface and sea-state parameters together with estimates of uncertainty. ERA5 is provided at very high spatial resolution globally (≈31 km grid spacing) and covers the period from 1950 to the present, updated 5 days from real-time. Dynamical downscaling relied on the COSMO-CLM numerical model, while the statistical approach was based on ecPoint post-processing technique.

This webinar is intended to illustrate the two approaches, the results of their applications in the HIGHLANDER project over Italy, and to inform users about data availability and usefulness for different purposes.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE CMCC Webinar June 14, 2022 | h. 15.30 CEST


ORGANIZED BY: CMCC Foundation in the framework of HIGHLANDER project activities.