Meteo-Hub rel 0.4.4 is in production


Meteo-Hub is the open national weather data platform, both forecast and observational, developed in Mistral project. We are talking about Meteo-Hub here on the Highlander website as the two projects are linked both because they have almost the same partners, and because the data collected in Mistral are the basis for the processing of climatic data in Highlander.

The new version of Meteo-Hub, online from 18 January 2022, is characterized by restyling interventions that mainly concerned the Multi-layer maps, and introduced a complete revolution as regards the navigation interface of the application, now rendered intuitive thanks to the use of dedicated icons. The management and graphic appearance of the legends have been modified to leave as much space as possible for the map itself, and the use of a retractable side menu allows you to always have under control which variables are being examined. Work has been done for a better integration between Meteo-Hub and, also from a visual point of view, by standardizing fonts, colors and shapes between the two portals.

In accordance with the production release of Meteo-Hub 0.4.4, some new Menu items have been introduced on in order to make available the essential accesses for Meteo-Hub.