Information Session on a Common European Agricultural Data Space


Digital technologies are leading to deep, ineluctable transformations and enabling major innovations across all sectors of the economy. The European Strategy for Data published in February 2020 aims to establish a Single Market for data, where data can flow between countries and sectors, and be accessed and used easily, respecting European values and rules. A Common European Agriculture Data Space is one of the data spaces identified in this strategy.

The objective is to develop a secure and trusted data space to allow the agricultural sector to share and access data transparently, enabling an increase in its economic and environmental performance. The data space is expected to facilitate the sharing, processing and analysis of production data, open data and other public data. Production data supplemented by publicly held data will present new opportunities for monitoring and optimising the use of natural resources and will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Green Deal and Common Agricultural Policy.

preparatory action for the data space for agriculture will be launched under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). This will be implemented through a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will explore possible options and conceptual approaches for the future deployment of this data space involving stakeholders and Member States.

This information session organised by the Commission, namely the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT) and the Directorate-General for Agriculture & Rural Development (DG AGRI), will provide details of the preparatory action that will be launched in “DIGITAL Call 1”, the first call under the first Work Programme of the Digital Europe Programme, which is expected to open in November 2021. The session will provide the opportunity to discuss for instance, programme-technical questions, such as eligibility, or aspects related to the possible scope of the action. Moreover, the session is intended to provide an opportunity for matchmaking of potential consortium partners.


Stakeholders and Member States’ representatives can register to participate in the virtual information session by 29 November 2021. Here you can share your ideas at the upload link for the chance to present them at the information session.

The event takes place on 2 December from 9:30-12:00. Further details on the workshop are available after the launch of the DIGITAL call from 17 November 2021 on the tenders portal. Read more about the Work Programme here.

Source: European Commission  –