Data delivery system: the CMCC platform to access, share and analyse climate data


Tuesday 26 October 2021
h. 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm CET
Language: English

Marco Mancini, CMCC Foundation – ASC Division
Jakub Walczak, CMCC Foundation – ASC Division

Moderator: Monia Santini, CMCC Foundation – IAFES Division

Data volumes in computational science are continuously increasing especially in the climate change domain where numerical model simulations generate huge amount of information.  
As of today, information is usually stored in datasets that are composed of hundreds of thousands of files; reading and working with all those files introduce a lot of burden to the users who wish to use them in their own analysis,  to find scientific insight into the climate dynamics, scenarios and to provide predictions about Earth’s future climate and its impacts. 
Thus, it is of paramount importance to distribute and share climate information within the scientific community in such a way to ease its access and analysis.
In this framework, the CMCC Foundation has developed and made available the Data Delivery System (DDS) (, with the aim of facilitating the dissemination of data produced and used by the CMCC within its research activities. 
This webinar will talk about  the DDS Architecture, how to use it to access data and how to develop downstream applications. Some use cases will be showcased, for example on how to extract specific areas of interest, to calculate temporal aggregations and statistics,  or to compute indicators of climate change impacts.

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