Site-specific sampling key for precision ag


Soil sampling is a common precision ag practice that allows growers to monitor the progress of their nutrient management plan.

According to Brandon Yott, Business Development Manager – Precision Ag Technologies at A&L Canada Laboratories if the goal is to track the nutrient changes over time, or try and look at ROI on changing a nutrient use pattern or application method, it is fundamental to be able to go back to the same exact sampled spot and collect samples from there over time to monitor those changes.

Yott gave an overview of A&L Canada Laboratories’ TerraSiteRx, a new data analysis platform that integrates farm data sets with site-specific soil maps. The TerraSiteRx platform generates 30 information maps, showing the various levels of nutrients spatially mapped across the field. These spatial nutrient variability maps are created with geo-reference information from the soil samples to discover the optimum levels of nutrients within a field based on measured biomass nutrient interactions.

The soil maps are the baseline for site-specific soil analysis, which allows growers to track nutrient changes over time.

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