Precision Ag Use on the Rise With More Fruit Growers


More growers continue to adopt precision agriculture tools, according to American Fruit Grower® and Western Fruit Grower® magazines’ 2021 State of the Industry survey. In last year’s survey, 56% of growers reported using precision agriculture tools but that number has climbed to 62% in this year’s survey.

According to many growers in order to be competitive in this industry it is fundamental to have as much information as possible available to your operation to make critical decisions. Some growers remain dubious about the technology, although perhaps reflecting the increasing usage, there are far fewer negative comments this year from growers. But few of those down on the technology have no problem with the technology itself. The overwhelming comment from those not adopting is that they are simply too small to adopt it.

On the other hand, growers reporting use of technology have a wide range of reasons, as most have to do with cutting costs, such as being more efficient in the use of labor. But reducing the amount of materials used on the farm is by far the biggest reason.

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