How American agriculture can work with the EU on food sustainability


Considering the current global food crisis it is clear that no tool or invention or even country will be the sole saviour in the fight to end hunger. In fact, nearly two billion people  are  facing food insecurity in the world today, and nearly 270 million are on the brink of starvation, due to climate change, conflict and the COVID19 pandemic. For world leaders, this means that it is important to build more resilient, sustainable global food systems that can feed an increasingly hungry world, or there will be dire consequences.
We have a moral imperative to do everything we can to stop this impending disaster and we must collaborate across sectors, organizations and nations. It is also fundamental the diversity the food systems. Only by coming together to support a diverse range of ideas and perspectives the global agricultural systems can flourish and achieve food security for all.

The belief is that the science and data-based, technology-focused U.S. model that has helped propel modern agriculture to incredible levels of sustainable productivity will be a critical piece in the broader strategy to continue feeding a growing world. By bringing the American agricultural ingenuity together with the best and boldest ideas from Europe and of the other partners around the globe, it is possible to work within our planetary boundaries to promote more efficient and sustainable food production, and ultimately offer better livelihoods and more opportunity to people everywhere.

All kinds of innovation must be embraced to promote access to game changing modern technology if we hope to be agile and resilient in the face of future food security threats.

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