Outstanding high-tech turns Brabant’s agriculture and food industry into a top agrifood sector


For hundreds of years, agriculture and cattle breeding determined the filling-in of the sandy soils in Brabant. In the twentieth century at least as important a flow of technology was added to this and this demonstrates Brabant’s top position in agritech. With more sustainable production methods, alternative proteins, and less impact on the environment, the sector makes an important contribution to the global challenges around food transition.

The figures underpin the success story, according to the recently published overview report “Agrifood Sector: an in-depth overview of the agrifood sector in Brabant” by the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). The BOM study shows that agrifood and high-tech in the regions of Brabant are cooperating intensively and are working hard on the solutions for global sustainable food production. Their activities range from barn construction, air purification, climate control to greenhouse automation, agricultural machinery, and handling systems for sorting and packaging the harvest. It’s not for nothing that Brabant ranks fifth in Europe’s index of most innovative regions. Sustainable development and exploitation of food production in Brabant come both from established companies and disruptive start-ups as The Protein Brewery , Contronics , Carezzo Nutrition Signify and Plantlab, or ByFlow. The sum total of all these activities within the agrifood sector makes it clear that the entire value chain is well developed in the region.

Protein production is very important but also agritech is an essential part of the transition and Brabant plays a role in this on a global level, as evidenced by companies active in the agritech sector. This shows how strong the Brabant’s province is in agritech and in the major transition taking place around proteins and this is the reason why the BOM has various programs and projects for the development of business models around protein transition, smart farming, efficient use of raw materials, and reduction of food waste.

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