Electric tractors, agribots and regenerative agriculture


Agricultural equipment company AGCO, based in Duluth, Georgia and with an annual revenue of about $9 billion, is proposing a new vision of agriculture.

The company has introduced many new and innovative technologies, including electrified farm machinery, autonomous field robots that swarm through fields and smart tractor retrofits that provide farmers with insights into metrics such as the organic matter in their soil.

The engines that pulled these changes were the potential economic return for the farmers and the strive for sustainability, as said by GCO’s new director of global sustainability, Louisa Parker-Smith.

The company is now introducing new instruments aimed at helping farmers in the switch towards a more sustainable agriculture, such as Xaver, a robotic approach to seed planting that can be orchestrated via satellite positioning and a cloud-based software application, as well as electrifying some of its existing tractor models.

With electric, autonomous vehicles large food companies could take a step forwards in the path to regenerative agriculture.

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