New app by IIT-Guwahati students to boost farmers’ productivity


An agri-tech start-up called AgSpert co-founded by students of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G) and the alumni of NIT Silchar and Dibrugarh University — has developed AgSpeak, a multi-lingual smartphone application for farmers that will optimise the in-farm productivity through artificial intelligence (AI).

AgSpeak considers up to 20 local crop parameters, which are key indicators of their health to alert farmers about probable crop threats in advance and suggest best practices to tackle the incoming threat. Major commercial users of the product include commercial plantation farms covering tea, lemon orchards and grape vineyards.

The mobile app is completely free for general small farmers, it is multi-lingual and has an option in Assamese as well and this feature is a first among agri-tech applications in the market. The user friendliness and multilingual features of the app make it extremely easy for farmers to use and seldom require training.

According to the innovators his technology will help farm managers identify crop threats in a short period of time and take timely steps.

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