Farmers discuss precision ag strategy


Attendees of the 2020 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase tuned into the Precision Farmer Panel – a farmer favorite – at the end of the three day event on November 19.

The expert panel featured four farmers who are implementing precision ag techniques on their operations and shared their experiences with conference attendees:

  • Clinton MonchukMonchuk Farms – grain and layer operation in Saskatchewan as well as cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Its top priority is to improve soil health, and using a mid-row banding system for its planter, directly injects NH3 into the furrows which lowers the loss of nitrogen. The farm is also using precision openers for seed and seed placed fertilizer, as well as a Trimble 2050 display system.

  • Justin HiebertHiebert Farms Ltd. – farm corn, soybeans, wheat and some asparagus in Long Point, Ontario. Hiebert Farms Ltd. is always on the lookout for new technologies and processes, says Justin Hiebert, a third-generation farmer. Within the things that they are doing using precision ag on the farm includes variable rate corn population, they’ve been trying some variable rate beans to reduce white mold pressure, they have done some primitive variable rate fungicide in beans, they built their own asparagus planter, they’ve done some variable rate lime scripts, and use FieldView.

  • Mark BrockShepherd Creek Farms Ltd. – grain and oilseed operation and produce lambs for the Ontario red meat market in Hensall, Ontario. Mark Brock farms 1,700 acres of corn, soybeans, edible beans and winter wheat on a mostly strip-till or no-till basis and maintain a 450 head sheep operation that raises 700-850 lambs per year. Shepherd Creek Farms uses several tools to collect data from its operation, including FieldView, Farmers Edge, Agrimatics and Harvest Plus.

  • Beau JacobsonJacobson Farms and President of Premium Ag Solutions in the United States. Beau Jacobson operates 15,000-16,000 acres of mostly corn and soybean with some wheat and dry beans. All of their planters are set up with Precision Planting – as they have been doing high speed planting since 2015. In the sprayer world, they’re running the AIM Command system on the sprayers – cutting the costs down to a minimal amount.

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