Europe’s Plan For Sustainable Agriculture Starts With Running Broadband To Farms


Europe’s Green Deal with farmers includes the broadband internet access they’ll need to save money and the environment. Broadband access will enable farmers to quickly identify and respond to diseases in crops and livestock or to deliver fertilizers and other supplements only to those areas of fields where data shows they are needed.

According to CEO Maximillian von Löbbecke with new digital services integrating certain yield maps on the combine at harvest, or in satellite data, it is possile to detect where are the problem areas on the field so that the farmer can only spray out certain fertilizers or plant protection on that spot, and this would lead to a huge reduction in chemicals put out on the field.

But this only works with connectivity because broadband is necessary for all the digital services. Because of the fact that everything is technology driven, with every reform done by Europe, digitization will play a big role.

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