Precision Agriculture for Development: A Digital Revolution


Society is increasingly dependent on technology but according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), people in developing countries are at risk of being left behind during the ongoing digital revolution and it’s important to solve this issue as digital agriculture can substantially improve the lives of farmers.

In developing countries, agriculture remains the main source of income for up to 90% of the population and this is why there is an urgent need for farmers to adopt development-friendly agriculture production systems that will enable them to increase yields and their incomes. Compared to developed countries, in developing countries small farmers do not have the knowledge and the means to access these high-tech resources that will allow them to improve their existing operations. This is why Precision Agriculture for Development is using the latest advancements in digital agriculture to help them improving their existing agricultural practices.

Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) is a non-profit organization that delivers free crop-specific agricultural advice to millions of farmers through mobile phones (through simple texts or voice messages without the need for Internet access), combining the use of tools such as soil analysis and drone photography with Big Data and Machine Learning research. PAD currently operates in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.

Precision Agriculture for Development’s innovative solutions to improving the livelihoods of farmers encourages an optimistic outlook.

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